For once, today’s hike only covers 8 km & takes about 4 hours. The hiking begins on a famous forest road called “Route Forestière des Tamarins” here and finishes at “Piton Rouge” here. From Piton Rouge, you can continue to 2 famous summits of the island : Petit Benares & Grand Benares.

Hiking but not get lost

The trail is well marked. The entry of the national park is mentioned and you can easily distinguish the path. Otherwise you can click on the map below to find your way with Google Maps 😉



Fauna and flora

On your path, you’ll be glad to find a lot of different species. They are growing from scratch since the latest awful fire which took place in 2011. Be careful of those species : they are characteristic of this part of the island, fragile and deserve respect.


Be sure to be protected from the sun: even when the day is cloudy, the sun can cause several damage. This part of the island is quite an exposed one, since those marked trails can lead to the nearly highest summits of the island (Petit Bernares rises at 2600 meters & Grand Benares at 2896 meters !).

Enjoy yourself

We hardly met anyone during this hiking, therefore we could appreciate birds singing and wind blowing. A great moment I hope will reflect in my photos !



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