Something to know about me : I have a temperament eager to discovery. So when I’ve seen on a hiking website there was a way to reach Belouve from Salazie, I thought I had to see that.

Salazie is a small commune of Reunion Island. To get there, you literally have to go in the center of the island. The hiking tour begin in a village called Hell-bourg (see the well informed Wiki article here). From there, you have to climb a cliff for an hour and a half, and discover the forest called Belouve.

First, walking through a bamboo forest set the mood of the ride. Here we were protected from the sun by this huge Bamboo tree. I loved capture the moment and thought that it could be my place for a while. But we had to climb !

While climbing, we could enjoy ourself by admire all the plants species around us.


But the very best part was, something I love more and more through the time, spotting birds and photograph them, or let them come really near us. Some are endemic, others are threats to local species.

“Tec tec”, saxicola tectes, introduced species – © Olivier H.
“Moineau”, passer domesticus, introduced species – © Olivier H.
“zoiseau la vierge”, terpsiphone bourbonnensis, endemic – © Claire G.

I found my way

Concerning the technical part, this hike was the one that allowed me to find my pace when the climbs are tough (and that’s how they are here!). For the first time in years I was able to concentrate in order to have a regular heart rate and therefore avoid frequent pauses that sometimes slowed me in the past (proud of it).

Just before arriving at Belouve, we crossed the path of beautiful ferns and flowers, including my favorite of all: the Arum (the white one).

the arrival

Once arrived on the top of the cliff, we discovered “le gîte de Bélouve” (bed & breakfast), and an amazing view of Hell-Bourg. There is some other marked trails from there, we’ve already done some of them like “le Trou de Fer”, a famous viewpoint on a waterfall popular with tourists. The bed & breakfast is made up of several houses typical of the island : wood under sheet & shingles.

As the place where very peaceful ( forget about the people who do not know how to respect the silence of nature), you can have lunch here and get some rest before getting back to Hell-Bourg.

Hiking trail

Here is the marked trail you can follow on Google Maps : time to discover !



I’m Claire, a woman and lover of nature.

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