Everyone has their own perception of the ideal home. The House. I also have a clear idea of mine : a wooden cube deep in the forest. Here is my inspirational top ten.

10 – Mexico

The first remember me where I came from : the exotic vegetation and the way to live inside-outside.


feather9 – Denmark

This well oriented cabin attract the sun : it seems to be so warm under these northern skies. In Denmark, on the island named Zealand.


feather8 – California

Somewhere in the Redwood forest. Wood inside and outside.


feather7-  Germany

Pian, Germany. Prefabricated house with wood, grass and solar panels. Some kind of place you can live for days without needing anything.


feather6 – Argentina

 This little cottage learn us how to live small and with nature. Located on the shore of Buenos Aires, Argentina.



feather5- United states

Sustainable house with a view on Seattle skyline in Bainbridge Island, Washington. The perfect mix : being in an eco-friendly house and have an incredible view.


feather4 – Chile

A perfect example of a house that adapts to its environment and not vice versa. Located in Lo Curro hill in the capital city of Chile, Santiago.


feather3 – Australia

Sleek lines house on Victoria’s southern tip. Just wanna sit there and listen to… the silence.


feather2 – Canada

You barely can notice it. It could be an abandoned container. But this is an incredible piece of architecture above the Bruce Trail, on the edge of the Niagara Escarpment (a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve).


feather1- Belgium

This wonderful house is situated in Brussels. I like the idea of combining the hectic life of a European capital while being surrounded by nature. The ultimate goal.



I’m Claire, a woman and lover of nature.

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